Agricultural mowers are an indispensable part of the agricultural process, used for efficient mowing of grass and forbs. The production of these machines is carried out by reputable manufacturers such as Samasz, Fella, McHale, Claas, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Unia, Talex and Deutz-Fahr. There is a wide range of mowers, available in various configurations, allowing you to customize the equipment to meet the specifics of your individual needs.

Mowers can be divided by their operation into disc, drum and flail (mulcher) mowers, driven by PTO shafts or hydraulic motors. In terms of suspension, mowers are divided into front-mounted, rear-mounted, towed and double-sided. Despite the similarity in design and operating principle, the key difference between them is the cutting system.

A mower consists of a suspension frame, a main frame, an actuator with spring relief, bevel gears, drive covers and a protective apron. Different cutting systems include:

  • The drum system, which uses two working drums, a sliding disc and mower blades. Cutting height is adjusted by spacer rings or by replacing the sliding disc.
  • Disc mower, characterized by a cutting bar with mounted discs with knives. Drive is transmitted through a series of gears, and the cutting height is adjusted by appropriate skids.
  • Flail mower, often used for removing stubble after corn, eliminating wasteland or mowing roadsides. The cutting elements are flail knives mounted on the mower shaft.

Additional options, such as scrapers, scarifiers, conditioners or swath rollers, allow you to adapt the mower to your specific work. However, it is worth keeping in mind the safety of work, associated with the presence of sharp and fast-rotating elements. The mowers are equipped with a number of guards to protect access to drive and working components, and special warning stickers inform about potential dangers. Safe operation of these machines is a key aspect of their successful use in agriculture.

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